Graduate Student Photo Contest

Photo Contest Submissions

Each year, the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences and the School of Engineering host a photo contest for graduate students. Students are invited to submit photos they have taken which convey their experiences as graduate students.

This year we are offering prizes in two categories:

  • Graduate Student Life
  • Graduate Student Research

Anyone photographed in your submissions must sign a photo release form. Upload the signed forms to the online photo contest submission form.

2017 Photo Contest Submission Form

Questions can be emailed to

2016 Graduate Photo Contest Winners


A view of the Boston skyline through a gap in a fence.

Graduate Student Life - First Place
"Boston Skyline from a walk by MIT."
Photo by Sara Amin, Ph.D. candidate in Computer Science

A desk with a computer and piles of books and papers with a pizza on a stool nearby.

Graduate Student Life - Second Place
"People ask me for advice, and I say to them: Pizza and more monitors - a clear path to success."
Photo by Michael Shah, Ph.D. candidate in Computer Science

A round metal ring floats in space above a magnet.

Graduate Student Research - First Place
"Superconducting Magnetic Levitation."
Photo by Nathaniel Allen, Ph.D. candidate in Mechanical Engineering

A petri dish with yeast growing in the shape of an elephant.

Graduate Student Research - Second Place
"Even Tufts yeast has Jumbo Pride!"
Photo by Simran Kaushal, Ph.D. candidate in Biology

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