Become a GIFT Mentor

Benefits for Faculty Mentors

  • Mentors co-teach a course with one GIFT fellow during the fall or spring semester.
  • Team teaching provides a dynamic and stimulating exchange of ideas which can enhance your course and diversify your repertoire of teaching strategies.
  • Participate in Institute events - Faculty mentors are welcome at GIFT special events.
  • Performance reviews - Your commitment as a faculty mentor may be noted as a service activity to the university. Make sure you add it to your resume/CV/website!

Expectations for Faculty Mentors

  • Co-teaching - Mentor the Teaching Fellow (TF) in key aspects of designing and teaching the course. The role of the TF is different from that of a TA; the TF plays an active role in designing and delivering at least two teaching sessions.
  • Collaborate with the TF in preparing and teaching at least two sessions and possibly involve the TF in the assessment of these sessions. The mentor will attend the sessions led by the TF.
  • Feedback - Mentors are expected to provide TFs with feedback on their performance.
  • Final Assessment - Mentors are expected to provide the TF with a written assessment of their performance. A copy of the assessment should be sent to the GIFT Institute Director, Kelly McLaughlin (
  • Mentors should familiarize themselves with GIFT and its goals. 
  • Mentors should meet with their TF at least once before the beginning of the course.
  • Mentors should feel free to reach out to the GIFT Institute Director ( if they have questions, concerns or suggestions.