GIFT Program Phases

Phase I: Summer Workshops on Pedagogy
Phase I workshops take place weekdays, mid-May through the beginning of June, and cover an array of topics:

  • Syllabus and course design
  • Curriculum development
  • Presentation skills
  • Engaging and motivating students
  • Leading group discussions, lab sections, and class projects
  • Teaching with technology
  • Teaching science
  • Assessing teaching, testing, and grading learning outcomes
  • Teacher-student relationships

At the end of Phase I, each GIFT teaching fellow presents a sample lesson and receives feedback from fellow students.

Phase I also includes social events for teaching fellows and their teaching mentors. These events give fellows the opportunity to benefit from faculty expertise on such issues as tenure, the balance between research and teaching, and how to find the right institutional match.

Phase II: Classroom Experience
Each graduate student teacher fellow will co-teach a course under the direction of a faculty mentor during the fall or spring semesters. Unlike the role of a TA to assist the faculty in any capacity required for assistance, the Teaching Fellow (TF) plays an active role in designing and delivering at least two teaching sessions. During the course, fellows will gain experience in the following:

  • Preparing a course syllabus
  • Classroom teaching (each GIFT fellow leads a minimum of two classroom sessions)
  • Developing exam and essay questions
  • Applying what they learned during the workshops in a classroom setting
  • Receiving feedback from their mentors and putting it into practice

Questions about GIFT can be directed to or 617-627-3106.