Graduate Research Excellence At Tufts (GREAT)


The Graduate Research Excellence at Tufts (GREAT) program is a three week summer program that aims to cultivate outstanding graduate researchers at Tufts. Leveraging interactive pedagogy and a supportive interdisciplinary environment, it enables intermediate graduate students to acquire skills in research, communication, career skills, and computation. GREAT is one of two signature professional programs of GSAS, complementing the Graduate Institute for Teaching (GIFT) program

Who should apply?

GREAT is primarily intended for second-year master's students or early-stage doctoral students (years 1-3) who are ready to embark on research or have already begun to conduct research with an advisor. Students should apply together with a faculty member who will act as a discipline specific mentor for the GREAT program; this faculty member can (but need not be) the student's primary advisor.

When will it happen?

The program will run from May 23—June 10, 2022 from 1:00-4:00 pm (Eastern) each day on the Medford campus to leave time in the mornings for participants to meet with their mentor, conduct their regular research or fulfill other obligations.

What will I learn?
Upon completion of the program, GREAT fellows will be able to:

  1. Design and manage the lifecycle of a research project from generating creative ideas, using literature to motivate their research, formulating new research questions, obtaining necessary evidence to answer them, and managing progress.
  2. Write a research statement outlining their research goals and roadmap.
  3. Communicate their work and progress effectively to a general graduate student level audience.
  4. Leverage their research community to acquire further tools and knowledge necessary to advance their project.
  5. Prepare a resume, communicate effectively in job interviews and leverage social media and the web to cultivate their professional image.
  6. Give, receive and act on feedback in a structured and collegiate fashion.

How do I apply? 
Complete the GREAT 2022 online application form

The deadline to submit an application is April 29, 2022. 

Additional Benefits
Graduate School of Arts and Sciences doctoral students selected for the GREAT program do not pay any tuition and receive a taxable stipend of $500.00 for participation. 

Further Information
Questions about GREAT can be directed to