GSAS Community Fellows

Mission Statement

The GSAS Community Fellows have the mission to develop community within the Tufts Graduate School of Arts and Sciences specifically for underrepresented students. Working with the GSAS Dean’s Office and other leadership on campus, the fellows will work to create diversity and inclusion initiatives that will meet the needs of current students and lay a foundation for a continuum of community building.


Meet the Fellows (2019-2020)

Gabriela García

Academic Interests

My graduate research is fueled by coffee, but not just because it keeps me caffeinated! I am investigating an important challenge faced by small-scale coffee farmers: drastic fluctuations in their crop yield. Working with producers in Costa Rica, I pair field experiments and farmer interviews to understand feedbacks between farm dynamics and farmer decision-making.Ultimately, I aim to synthesize the findings to offer effective management recommendations that promote on-farm stability. This work is only possible thanks to an army of undergraduate field assistants, supportive advisors, and generous funding sources.

Personal Interests

  • De-stress activities: I am a big advocate of work-life balance in graduate school. When I’m stressed out, I love to recharge in nature- running, camping, swimming. I’m also local to Somerville (go SHS Highlanders!) so I spend a lot of time with family. 
  • Favorite book: El Cuaderno de Maya (Maya’s Notebook) by Isabel Allende. Check it out if you’re into magical realism!

Anaïs Lugo-Guercio

Academic interests

Completing my Master's in Occupational Therapy, my academic interests include group theory & dynamics, community health, vision rehabilitation, and trauma-informed care. I am passionate about accessible tools, intersectional occupational justice, and the promotion of self-agency. I identify as a community builder and leader. Science and language are my passions; they are the tools that establish connections within communities. I am a scientific literacy advocate.

Personal Interests

  • De-stress activities: When I’m stressed, I like to engage in joyful activities like laughter yoga, forest bathing, and eating dumplings with friends.
  • Favorite book: Boy, Snow, Bird by Helen Oyeyemi

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