Past Community Fellows

2019-2020 Community Fellows

Gabriela García

Academic Interests

My graduate research is fueled by coffee, but not just because it keeps me caffeinated! I am investigating an important challenge faced by small-scale coffee farmers: drastic fluctuations in their crop yield. Working with producers in Costa Rica, I pair field experiments and farmer interviews to understand feedbacks between farm dynamics and farmer decision-making.Ultimately, I aim to synthesize the findings to offer effective management recommendations that promote on-farm stability. This work is only possible thanks to an army of undergraduate field assistants, supportive advisors, and generous funding sources.

Personal Interests

  • De-stress activities: I am a big advocate of work-life balance in graduate school. When I’m stressed out, I love to recharge in nature- running, camping, swimming. I’m also local to Somerville (go SHS Highlanders!) so I spend a lot of time with family. 
  • Favorite book: El Cuaderno de Maya (Maya’s Notebook) by Isabel Allende. Check it out if you’re into magical realism!

Anaïs Lugo-Guercio

Academic interests

Completing my Master's in Occupational Therapy, my academic interests include group theory & dynamics, community health, vision rehabilitation, and trauma-informed care. I am passionate about accessible tools, intersectional occupational justice, and the promotion of self-agency. I identify as a community builder and leader. Science and language are my passions; they are the tools that establish connections within communities. I am a scientific literacy advocate.

Personal Interests

  • De-stress activities: When I’m stressed, I like to engage in joyful activities like laughter yoga, forest bathing, and eating dumplings with friends.
  • Favorite book: Boy, Snow, Bird by Helen Oyeyemi

2018-2019 Community Fellows

Ashlee Jeannot

Diversity and Inclusion Leadership M.A. '20


Alexis Washburn

Urban and Environmental Policy and Planning M.A. '19