Centers, Institutes, and Labs

Explore just a few of the many centers, institutes, laboratories, and research groups active at Tufts, and discover where your research interests fit in.

Centers and Institutes

  • Center for Applied Brain and Cognitive Sciences
  • Center for Cognitive Studies
  • Center for Engineering Education and Outreach
  • Center for Reading and Language Research
  • Center for South Asian and Indian Ocean Studies
  • Center for STEM Diversity
  • Center for the Study of Race and Democracy
  • CHAT: Center for the Humanities at Tufts
  • Eliot-Pearson Children’s School
  • Global Development and Environment Institute
  • Institute for Applied Research in Youth Development
  • Institute of Cosmology
  • Institute of the Environment
  • Tufts Interdisciplinary Advanced Materials Center
  • Tufts Gordon Institute