Departmental Awards

Departmental awards are presented at the Graduate Student Award Ceremony or Commencement. Students are nominated for these awards at the departmental level.

Mary Ann Mulcahy Service in Education Award

The Department of Education and the Jonathan M. Tisch College of Citizenship and Public Service created this award to honor a graduate student completing the M.A.T. middle and high school teacher licensure program who has demonstrated a strong commitment to both public service and effective classroom practice in the field experience portion of their program.

The Marjorie B. Greene Award in Occupational Therapy

This award is made to an occupational therapy graduate student who has demonstrated outstanding achievement in the areas of leadership and involvement in student and professional activities. Ms. Greene was one of the founders of the Boston School of Occupational Therapy in 1918. She was a pioneer in occupational therapy and a leader in OT state and national organizations.

The Joy Ann Greisen Scholarship – Department of Occupational Therapy

The Joy Ann Greisen Scholarship was created in 1999 in accordance with the wishes of Joy Ann Sambur Griesen after a nine-year battle with breast cancer. In accordance with her wishes, Mrs. Greisen's husband and sons established the scholarship to enable students who demonstrate financial need to attend the Boston School of Occupational Therapy.

The Bekenstein Family Endowment – Department of Occupational Therapy

The Bekenstein Family Endowment was established in 2005 by Anita and Josh Bekenstein. The award is presented to Occupational Therapy students for support. Awards are rewarded to students based on academic standing and students who demonstrate financial need. These students also demonstrate a trajectory for leadership in the profession.

Sarah Plummer Memorial Prize

The Sarah Plummer Memorial Prize is awarded annually to a graduate student or students who demonstrate a deep commitment to the field of classical archaeology or classical studies; to the Tufts University Department of Classics; and to the broader community.

Rhonda Saad Graduate Prize

The Rhonda Saad Graduate Prize recognizes a graduating master's student in art history or art history/museum studies for outstanding academic excellence, as well as related achievement in teaching, research, museum work, or community involvement. The award is established in memory of Rhonda Saad, G08, with the generous assistance of Rhonda's classmates. A scholar of Islamic Art, pursuing a Ph.D. at the time of her death, Saad was a cherished student, teacher, colleague, and friend whose zest and optimism profoundly impacted the lives and work of all those around her.

Professor Kalman A. Burnim Prize for Scholarly Excellence in Drama

The Professor Kalman A. Burnim Prize for Scholarly Excellence in Drama is awarded annually to a Ph.D. student in drama who has completed all the requirements for the degree except the dissertation; who has demonstrated distinction academically and in research; and who has contributed to the life of the program in an outstanding manner. The prize was established by alumni, colleagues, and friends in honor of Kalman A. Burnim, emeritus Fletcher Professor of Drama and Oratory and Tufts alumnus (A50), who created the Ph.D. program in drama. During his twenty-eight years at Tufts, Professor Burnim chaired the department for nine years and earned his reputation as a world-renowned scholar in theatre history.

The Eliot-Pearson Doctoral Research Practice Integration Award

The award is given to the student whose accomplishments in scholarship and applied work has demonstrated the most potential to foster the integration of research and practice.

Innovations in Psychological Science Award

This award is given to the Psychology or Cognitive Science – Psychology graduate student whose scholarship shows innovations toward unraveling the mysteries of Psychological Science. The innovations could be theoretical, conceptual, methodological, and/or analytical.

Greenwald Summer Fellowship for Research in Psychology

The Dr. Deborah Greenwald Fellowship has been made possible by a generous donation from Ms. Celia Rumsey, an alumnae of the Psychology Department, to recognize the impact Dr. Deborah Greenwald had on her Tufts education. Recipients of a Deborah Greenwald Summer Fellowship show clarity in defining a summer research plan, contextualized within their greater research program.

Outstanding Student Award in Policy and Planning

This award is made to a graduate student in the Department of Urban and Environmental Policy and Planning who has demonstrated outstanding academic achievement and a deep commitment to the professional practice of policy and planning.

Mary Glaser Distinguished Teaching Prize–Department of Mathematics

The Mary Glaser Distinguished Teaching Prize is awarded each year to up to two graduate students in Mathematics at Tufts University. Awardees are graduate students who have taught individual courses or conducted recitation sections and shown consistent dedication and creativity in their teaching duties. Such students exhibit an unusual ability to engage students inside and outside the classroom. The award is named in honor of Mary Glaser, currently a Senior Lecturer Emerita in the Math Department. Mary joined Tufts in 1986 and has since cemented her status as a legendary teacher. She has won numerous teaching awards herself, including the TCU Senate Education Committee Teacher of the Year Award, the Seymour Simches Award for Distinguished Teaching and Advising, and was named one of the 300 Best Professors in America by the Princeton Review. Mary was and still is an invaluable mentor to all instructors in the Department, including graduate students. Thus, the intention of this award is to honor students that exhibit the same dedication to improving their teaching skills, engaging all students, and classroom creativity that Mary embodies.