Part Time at Tufts

Part-time students at Tufts discuss how their programs are helping them achieve their career goals. 

Hallie Selinger

Museum Education

Hallie Selinger, a student in the Museum Education M.A. program, is also a visitor experience manager at the Institute of Contemporary Art, Boston. She was drawn to the Tufts program because of its flexibility in allowing her to work full-time while building on particular areas of interest in her professional skillset as a part-time student.

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Nelson Butten

Public Policy

Nelson Butten, a second-year student in the Master’s in Public Policy program and the Director of Community, Family, and Student Engagement at Lawrence Public Schools, is helping to build policy that positively impacts his community of Lawrence, MA.

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Zoe Ackerman

Urban and Environmental Policy and Planning

For Zoë Ackerman, a student in the Urban and Environmental Policy and Planning master's program, taking classes part-time and working part-time has provided ideal opportunities to put the skills she is learning to work in the field.

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