From Tufts to Your Career

Javier Luis Hurtado, Ph.D. student in the Theatre and Performance Studies program, is a writer and performer delving into theater history at Tufts. 

Before coming to Tufts, Abhishek Verma, a student in the Diversity and Inclusion Leadership master’s program, was an HR professional looking to broaden his experience in the field. Now he’s working with Tufts Chief Diversity Officer on diversity and inclusion initiatives across campus.

As a doctoral student in Mathematics, Joanne Lin developed deep interests in coding, data science, and teaching that are shaping her future career choices and are making an impact on programming at Tufts. 

Tufts Ph.D. candidate Amanda Strawhacker is helping to develop a tool to foster a love for science, technology, engineering and math in young children

Matt Marber, who recently completed an M.S. in Human Factors, researches medical device design.

Biology Ph.D. candidate Rachael Bonoan looks for clues into honey bee colony declines using hives on the Grafton campus

Harjinder Singh, master’s student in Ethnomusicology, explores music and dance traditions around the world

Alumnus Mark Goodman applies his passion for philosophy and critical thinking in the world outside academia

Master’s student Marquel Norton shares his skills as an intern at local charter school while piloting a new educational studies program

English doctoral candidate Emma Schneider uses literature to shape the field of environmental humanities

Mathematics Professor James Adler and Ph.D. candidate Sarah Bray collaborate in the classroom as part of the Graduate Institute for Teaching (GIFT) program

Jonathan Diaz is an agent of change on campus and beyond in his work as a master’s student in Urban and Environmental Policy and Planning

The Department of Occupational Therapy benefits from interdisciplinary sharing and accessible spaces in the new Collaborative Learning and Innovation Center.

Economics student Kate Hausdorff researches the effect of microfinance loans in Zambia with Professor Kelsey Jack

Carolyn Talmadge, a graduate of the Environmental Management certificate program and the Civil and Environmental Engineering masters of science program, talks about why she chose Tufts.

Ph.D. student Tim Siegert and his chemistry colleagues use creativity (and computers) to stop cancer in its tracks  

Patrick Forber and the Tufts philosophy department train future philosophers — and doctors and lawyers — to question everything

Tufts electrical engineering professor Mai Vu and Ph.D. student Lisa Pinals are making the next generation of cellular networks faster, clearer, and more power efficient

Eliot-Pearson’s Christine McWayne and Jayanthi Mistry and their Ph.D. students unite teachers and parents for a new kind of preschool experience