Tufts In the News

Aug 19, 2016
New York Times
Assistant Professor Daniele Lantagne, civil and environmental engineering, talks about how poor sanitation at United Nations sites in Haiti led to a 2010 cholera outbreak.


Aug 5, 2016

The Upshot: New York Times
Economics Professor Gilbert Metcalf published a new report for the Council on Foreign Relations on the impact of eliminating oil and gas tax subsidies.

Jul 26, 2016
Time Magazine
The article profiles KinderLab Robotics, a company Professor of Child Study and Human Development Marina Bers co-founded to develop toys that teach problem-solving to children.


Jun 10, 2016

This news release announces a new study on infection tolerance that will be run at multiple universities, including at Tufts by Biology Professor Michael Levin.

Jun 8, 2016

The Guardian (United Kingdom)
Biology Professor Sara Lewis shows a series of photographs from her research on fireflies at night.

Jun 6, 2016

Psychology Professors Keith Maddox and Heather Urry ran a study on the comfort level of white college students in discussions about race and equality.

Jun 3, 2016

Communication of the ACM
Computer Science Professor Matthias Scheutz discusses the difficulties of building a robot that understands morals.

Jun 1, 2016

Chicago Reader
Art and Art History Associate Professor Daniel M. Abramson has a new book about architectural marvels that have been razed to make way for new construction.


May 30, 2016

The Conversation
Electrical and Computer Engineering Professor Eric Miller writes this piece on the power of computational innovation, and references the invention of the CAT scan by Allan Cormack and Professor Sergio Fantini's work on infrared diagnostics.

May 27, 2016

Huffington Post
English Professor Lisa Lowe is quoted from her work on the impact of colonialism on narratives.