Tufts Now

Oct 6, 2015

Biology Professor Michael Levin and Maria Lobikin, Ph.D. ‘15, use artificial intelligence to explain why some cells deviate from normal development—a finding that could lead to better diagnosis and treatment.

Sep 23, 2015

Tufts University biomedical engineers are using low-energy, ultrafast laser technology to make high-resolution, 3-D structures in silk protein hydrogels. The laser-based micropatterning represents a new approach to customized engineering of tissue and biomedical implants.

Sep 15, 2015

Research by Assistant Professor of Biomedical Engineering Qiaobing Xu and colleagues could lead to new ways to repair nerve tissue injuries.

Sep 14, 2015

A new study, led by Assistant Professor Keren Ladin in the Department of Occupational Therapy, suggests tailoring campaigns to neighborhoods and communities.

Aug 20, 2015

Engineering faculty members Maria Flytzani-Stephanopoulos and David Kaplan receive academic honor.

Aug 12, 2015

The Tufts system and 46 others are working together to keep their collections comprehensive and current.

Jul 29, 2015

In a new book, Associate Professor of Philosophy Brian Epstein challenges the field’s basic assumptions.

Jul 22, 2015

Major projects continue while upgrades are underway on many smaller buildings.

May 20, 2015

The new wave of Indian American spelling champs provides a plethora of perspicacity about the immigrant experience

May 16, 2015

Madeleine Albright tells graduates that in these unsettled, complicated times, the world needs their generation to be voices for peace and light