Tufts Now

Mar 7, 2018

Some kids' animated shows feature diverse characters, but too many still reinforce stereotypes, and that's a problem, say Associate Professor Julie Dobrow and Profesor Calvin Gidney from the Eliot-Pearson Department of Child Study and Human Development and Jennifer Burtonprofessor of the practice in the Department of Drama and Dance. 

Mar 6, 2018

A team of researchers, led by Charles Sykes, a professor of chemistry at Tufts, show it's possible to convert poisonous carbon monoxide to benign carbon dioxide with only one atom of platinum. 

Feb 28, 2018

Two-factor authentication on devices secures your identity, not just your data, says Susan Landau, Bridge Professor of Cybersecurity at the Fletcher School and the School of Engineering. 

Feb 15, 2018

Assistant Professor of History Kendra Field's new book Growing Up with the Country: Family, Race, and Nation after the Civil War tells the story of the post-Civil War migration by African Americans to Indian Territory. 

Feb 14, 2018

Tufts researchers, led by Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering Sameer Sonkusale, devise a new, inexpensive way to fabricate microneedles. 

Feb 13, 2018

Three questions with psychology professor Sam Sommers about competition, fans, and the Olympics. 

Jan 29, 2018

Associate Professor of Mathematics Moon Duchin has been asked by Governor Tom Wolf to advise on redistricting options. 

Jan 26, 2018

Sheldon Krimsky, professor in the Department of Urban and Environmental Policy and Planning and an adjunct professor in public health and community medicine, discusses whether direct-to-consumer genetics testing kits really work, their privacy risks, and potential suprises. 

Jan 12, 2018

Assistant Professor of Music Frank Lehman finds complexity, character clues, and the definitive sound of evil in the music of "Star Wars"

Dec 19, 2017

Anna Christine, a Ph.D. candidate in the English Department, and Ex College graduate teaching fellow is teaching an Experimental College course, Comics and Graphic Novels: Theory and Practice.