School of Engineering Graduate Fellows, 2016-17

The School of Engineering's Fellows program is intended to recognize and recruit exceptional incoming doctoral students by providing a supplemental stipend for the first two years of the student's program of study. The goal of the award is to augment the student's aid package so that financial considerations do not stand in their way of choosing to pursue their degrees at Tufts. The 2016-17 graduate fellows span engineering departments and strategic areas.

Abriola Fellow

Amanda Parry, Civil and Environmental Engineering

Adams Fellow

Elliot Taylor, Chemical Engineering

Dean's Fellow

Parker Aubin, Civil and Environmental Engineering

Provost's Fellows

Emily Carlson, Electrical Engineering
Dylan Cashman, Computer Science
Fabio de Ferrari, Biomedical Engineering
Michael Stehnach, Mechanical Engineering
Sophia Szymkowiak, Biomedical Engineering

Stern Fellow

Demetra Sklaviadis, Biomedical Engineering