Off-Campus Housing

Most students live within a three mile radius of the campus in the cities of Medford and Somerville, however some of our students choose to commute from as far as our neighboring New England states!

It is important to note that most leases in Greater Boston are on a September 1 lease cycle. Most new and veteran Bostonians find it easiest to find an apartment if they start looking for a new lease in May or June.

  • Per person share of 2+ bedroom house (average rent in Medford/Somerville): $715
  • One-bedroom or studio apartment (average rent in Medford/Somerville): $1,450

Many students enrolling at the SMFA choose to live in the Fenway neighborhood, closer to the SMFA campus.

  • Per person share of 2+ bedroom house (average rent in Fenway): $1,250
  • One-bedroom or studio apartment (average rent in Fenway): $1,700

The Off-Campus Housing Resource Center provides more information and resources for students seeking off-campus housing. 

Aerial image of Tufts campus with the Boston skyline on the horizon

Tufts' beautiful campus sits between the neighborhoods of Medford and Somerville.

On-Campus Housing

All full-time first year graduate students are eligible to apply for transitional on-campus graduate student housing. Up to 36 rooms are available, and 9 of those rooms are designated for students whose permanent home addresses are outside of the United States or Canada. The 36 graduate student rooms are located in three buildings at the northern edge of campus off of Winthrop St, and the rooms designated for non-US or Canada students are dispersed throughout the three houses. Each residence has a common room or lounge and shared bathrooms. One small kitchen is available in each house and is shared with all of the occupants of each house.

Students may live in on-campus housing for one or both semesters, and may move in approximately two weeks before classes begin. Housing remains open through winter break, if living in the housing for both semesters. In the 2015-2016 academic year, rooms for the full year ranged from $8,036 - $9,952 according to size and rooms on a semester basis ranged from $4,018 - $4,976 according to size – an approximate cost of $892 - $1,105 per month.

Please note that Tufts cannot provide housing for couples or children.

Eligible graduate students may apply for housing through the Residential Life Office. Applications are due by May 15, 2016 for students in the US or Canada, and by May 31 for students outside the US or Canada.

Connect with Current Students

We also encourage students to post on the shared wiki to connect with other graduate students and discuss housing before coming to campus. Once you have enrolled at Tufts, you can login with your Universal Tufts Login Name (UTLN) and password provided to you by Tufts Technology Services.

Student Advice on Housing