Dining on Campus

Dining Locations
Tufts Dining has 9 service locations on the Medford/Somerville campus with a wide range of business hours. The dining halls work hard to satisfy every possible dietary need (i.e., kosher, halal, vegan and vegetarian, gluten-, wheat- and sugar-free), and there are many take-out and convenience options for students on the go.

JumboCash is a prepaid, stored-value account that is part of your Tufts ID, for use at any Tufts Dining on-campus location or any Merchant Off-campus Partner (MOP) location. It is faster, safer and more convenient than cash at our campus dining locations.

Graduate Student Meal Plan
All graduate students have the option to purchase a meal plan through Tufts Dining services. Graduate students have the option of purchasing 25 dinners or 25 lunches to redeem at Carmichael or Dewick-MacPhie Dining Centers. Tufts Dining suggests that all meal plans be supplemented by JumboCash.