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Starting with students enrolling in Fall 2023, GSAS will begin billing per credit instead of semi-annual tuition billing for its Master's and OTD Programs.

This change is being made to provide students better flexibility so they may "pay-as-they-go".

Price per Credit for GSAS Master's and OTD Programs

Select a program below for an estimated cost of tuition per credit, for the 2023-2024 academic year.

Important Notes

  • Merit and financial aid are not affected. The above is the estimated cost per credit by program before accounting for aid.
  • OTD students enrolling in summer 2023 will also be included in this new pay-per-credit billing process for Fall 2023.
  • Students in multi-year programs who enrolled before Fall 2023 will be billed using the flat tuition process they started their program with.
  • Tuition amounts are not final until the Board of Trustees vote in the late spring.

Financial Aid

There are many scholarships and financial aid packages available. Visit GSAS Funding Opportunities for Incoming Students to learn more.