Combined Degree Programs

Tufts Graduate School of Arts and Sciences (GSAS) and School of Engineering combined degree programs allow Tufts undergraduate students to earn both their bachelor’s degree and their master’s degree within 5 years. This rewarding degree track is an ideal fit for Tufts undergraduates who are interested in rigorous, innovative programming.

Combined degrees are offered through the following programs:

Up to two courses may be counted towards both the undergraduate and graduate degree. Tufts undergraduate students who are interested in these programs should contact their department early to ensure that their course of study at the undergraduate level is preparing them for this graduate program.

How to Apply

Tufts undergraduate students must apply to the graduate program during the spring semester of their junior year. The deadline to apply for engineering programs is March 1. GSAS applicants should apply by the general master’s degree deadline for their program of interest.

Tufts undergraduate students applying to a combined degree program are only required to submit 2 letters of recommendation, and are not required to submit GRE scores or an application fee. Additional requirements are subject to the department.