The study of history reveals the past, enlightens the present, and influences the future. Historians seek to understand how nations, societies, and individuals have lived and thought, and why they have behaved the way they did.

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M.A. in History

The master's program in history is a small, selective program of graduate study that emphasizes comparative understanding of historical process. It is organized around colloquia in comparative and regional topics, the preparation of specific fields, and individual research in consultation with a faculty member.

The program is designed both to prepare students for doctoral programs in history and to enhance the historical knowledge and interpretive skills of professionals working in secondary schools, libraries, foundations, and museums.

Ph.D. in History

The Ph.D. program in history accepts only well-prepared students who intend to work closely with a particular Tufts faculty member. Students in the Tufts M.A. program may apply to be transferred into the Ph.D. program after one year of study, and the department will consider applications from students who have completed a master's degree in history or the equivalent elsewhere.

The Tufts Department of History offers the Ph.D. in history in the following fields:

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Beatrice F. Manz
Professor and Chair
Ph.D. , Harvard University
Middle East and Inner Asia
Steven P. Marrone
Professor and Co-Director of Graduate Studies
Ph.D , Harvard University
Medieval and Early Modern Europe
Rachel Applebaum
Assistant Professor
Ph.D. , University of Chicago
Russia and Eastern Europe
David Ekbladh
Associate Professor
Ph.D. , Columbia University
U.S. in the World and International History
Elizabeth Foster
Assistant Professor
Ph.D. , Princeton University
Modern France in the World and Colonial West Africa
Ayesha Jalal
Ph.D. , Cambridge
South Asia and the Muslim World
Peniel Joseph
Ph.D. , Temple University
Intellectual History and Civil rights and black power
Gary P. Leupp
Ph.D. , University of Michigan
History of Japan
Kris Manjapra
Associate Professor
Ph.D. , Harvard University
Modern South Asia and Modern Germany
Jeanne Marie Penvenne
Associate Professor
Ph.D. , Boston University
African History and Labor Migration
Alisha Rankin
Assistant Professor
Ph.D. , Harvard University
Early Modern Europe
Hugh Roberts
Associate Professor
D. Phil. , Oxford University
Edward Keller Professor of North African and Middle Eastern History, North Africa, Middle East
Kendra Taira Field
Assistant Professor
Ph.D. , New York University
Nineteenth-century U.S., African American, Native American
Reed Ueda
Ph.D. , Harvard University
Industrial and urban U.S. immigration
Peter Winn
Ph.D. , Cambridge University
Latin America
Man Xu
Assistant Professor
Ph.D. , Columbia University
Chinese History

The application deadline for fall enrollment is January 15.

GRE General Test scores and writing sample required. Exceptions: GREs not required for current Tufts undergraduates applying for an M.A.

Requirements for Ph.D. applicants:

  • Proficiency in one foreign language.
  • Submit a statement of intent, detailing the planned dissertation field.

For more information, visit the Department of History.

For questions about the M.A. program, including scholarships and assistantships, please contact the graduate program director, Professor Steven P. Marrone.

If you are applying to the Ph.D. program, contact Professors Aysha Jalal and Kris Manjapra for the Modern South Asia program, and TBD for Global History.

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