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Due to COVID-19, our campus continues to be closed to visitors. Instead, we warmly invite prospective applicants and students to virtually visit Tufts. Register for a virtual information session, or take a virtual tour. We look forward to the day when we can welcome visitors back to campus!

Graduate Admissions

Danilo Marchesini, Professor of Physics and Astronomy, meets with two students

Realize Your Promise and Potential at Tufts

At Tufts, you’ll become a versatile leader — one who can think independently, inspire teams, contribute to human knowledge, and adapt over the course of your career to the changing landscape of our world.


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Tufts Graduate Student Alumni

“I saw that I could use fantasy as a way to talk about the most important things that have to do with the politics and society of today.”

Gregory Maguire is the author of Wicked: The Life and Times of the Wicked Witch of the West

“The perception of a face is always a compromise between the visual cues before our eyes and the baggage we bring to the table, like the stereotypes we hold."

Jon Freeman is Assistant Professor of Psychology at New York University and researches how we use facial cues to instantly categorize other people into social groups.

“I have the amazing luck to sit in a studio, don earphones, and talk to the men and women who are revolutionizing the way we live.”

Kara Miller is the host and executive editor of Innovation Hub, a nationally broadcast radio show from WGBH and PRI.

"I get to help people sleep at night, hear music in ways that they never have before, and not be bothered or agitated by noise."

Bonnie Schnitta, President of SoundSense, LLC

Meet the Deans
  • Bárbara Brizuela
    Bárbara Brizuela Dean of the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, Professor of Education

    “At Tufts, you’ll get an intimate education — a very personal experience with faculty and other graduate students, and the opportunity to become a mentor to undergraduates.”

  • Karen Panetta Dean of Graduate Education for the School of Engineering, Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering

    “Graduate students are the heart and the soul of teaching at Tufts. They are a vital part of the university community and integral to everything we do.”