Jordan Good

A Puzzling Pattern

MA student in Music Jordan Good’s varied interests stretch across disciplines. But they all come down to a common thread
Michael Slepian, AG14

Keeping Secrets Can Make You Sick

Sometimes a secret is harmless, but hiding infidelity or other lies may lead to physical and emotional damage, according to a new book from Psychology doctoral alum Michael Slepian, AG14. Opening up to the right people can help.
illustration of incarcerated students

Learning Ethics in Prison

As part of the Tufts Prison Initiative, Susan Russinoff, Distinguished Senior Lecturer, and undergraduate and graduate Philosophy students held an Ethics Bowl with incarcerated students
PhD candidate Cesar Gomes and Associate Professor Mark Hempstead discuss at a whiteboard.

Advancing Cache Contention Analysis

A team including PhD candidate Cesar Gomes, Xuesi Chen, E22, and Associate Professor Mark Hempstead developed a way to improve cache contention analysis