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Graeme Calloway

Born to Teach

Tufts experience showed Graeme Calloway, PhD in English '21, that his 'real passion is being in the classroom'
Gülin Ölçer, who earned a master's in innovation and management at the School of Engineering's Gordon Institute, is advancing the principles of a circular economy in Dubai.

Designing a Circular Economy

Gülin Ölçer, MSIM17, develops systems that circulate products—or make them differently from the start—to reduce their environmental impact
Carolina Gonçalves

The Power of Faculty-Student Mentorship

Carolina Gonçalves, PhD Candidate in Child Study and Human Development, discusses faculty mentorship at Tufts and how her experiences with mentorship are now coming full circle.
Peyton Siler Jones

A Practical Visionary

Peyton Siler Jones, MA in Urban and Environmental Policy and Planning '22, has had a lifelong passion for understanding the connections between social and ecological systems, which led her to Tufts.
Brian Parkes

A Different Kind of Mathematical Mind

Brian Parkes, PhD student in Mathematics and alum of the VERSE program, is getting a preview of what could lie ahead professionally as he pursues his dream of becoming a mathematics professor.