Mentor Collective for International Students

What is the Mentor Collective at Tufts Graduate School of Arts and Sciences?

Tufts is one of many schools to partner with Mentor Collective (MC), a service that provides community support to new international students through mentorship.

MC matches incoming Tufts graduate students with a trained mentor based on common interests, background and academics. Mentors are highly qualified Tufts graduate students and graduate alumni. MC mentorships involve meeting at least once per month, usually via video chat.

What kinds of questions do mentors and mentees talk about?

  • “What are people like at Tufts?”
  • “Where are good places to eat and buy things I need?”
  • “Where is the best place to live? How do I find a roommate?”
  • “How can I balance the demands of grad school with family relationships?”
  • “How can I set myself up for academic and career success?”

What have past MC mentees said about the experience?

Information on life at Tufts before you even arrive: “It felt good to talk to someone and get to know the place that'll be your home for the next few years!” - Aradhya

Real-life examples of how to be successful at school: “[My mentor] is the type of person that is easy to talk to. He answered all my questions with examples of his friends, which was a bonus for me.” - Bruno

An expert friend who helps you achieve your goals: “We talked quite a bit about who we are and what we hope to accomplish with our lives.” - Victoria

How can students get matched with a mentor and get started?

Once you submit your deposit you will receive information from Tufts about several important next steps, including directions to register for the mentor program