Contacts by Program

Have questions about studies and life at the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences? Our Department staff, faculty and the members of the Graduate Student Council are always available and happy to answer your questions. Whoever you email will be happy to answer your question, or put you in touch with a student, staff member, or faculty member who can.

We also welcome you to contact the GSAS Dean's Office at or 617-627-3106.



Biology George Ellmore, Department Vice Chair
Chemistry Debbie D'Andrea, Staff Assistant
Child Study and Human Development Justina Clayton, Admissions Coordinator
Classics Jaouad Elkamouss, Department Administrator
Data Analytics Maura McDonald, Program Manager
Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Justice Leadership Angela Foss, Interim Program Manager
Economics Debra Knox, Interim Graduate Program Coordinator
Education: Art Education Susan Barahal, Director of Art Education
Education: Educational Studies Shameka Powell, Director of Educational Studies
Education: Elementary Education Brian Gravel, Director of Elementary Education
School Psychology Erin Seaton, Interim Director, School Psychology Program
Education: STEM Education Julia Gouvea, Associate Professor; Director of STEM Education
Education: Middle and High School Education Ryan Redmond, Director of Middle and High School Education
Education: Museum Education Cynthia Robinson, Program Director
English  Nathan Wolff, Director of Graduate Studies
History Elizabeth Foster, Director of Graduate Studies
History of Art and Architecture Amy West, Department Administrator
Mathematics Fulton Gonzalez, Director of Graduate Studies
Museum Studies  Maura McDonald, Program Manager
Music Ingrid Pabón, Department Administrator
Occupational Therapy Jill Rocca, Recruitment and Admissions Coordinator
Philosophy Jaouad Elkamouss, Department Administrator
Physics Elizabeth Hammond, Department Administrator
Psychology Robert Kim, Department Manager
Studio Art (MFA) Laurel Nakadate, Director, Master of Fine Arts Program
Theater and Performance Studies Lindsey Cooke, Department Administrator
Urban and Environmental Policy and Planning Laurie Goldman, Lecturer

Office of Graduate Admissions

The Office of Graduate Admissions offers assistance to graduate students in Arts and Sciences and Engineering on variety of administrative topics. You may reach them at or 617-627-3395.

Financial Services

Tufts Financial Services administers financial aid and student loans to all undergraduate students and federal aid for graduate students in Arts and Sciences, Engineering, and at the Fletcher School.

Graduate Student Services (Registrar's Office)

The Registrar's Office holds AS&E undergraduate and graduate student records and facilitates course registration and changes, degree certification, grading, transcripts, enrollment verifications, the Bulletin, transfer of credit and other functions as they relate to the student record.

Residential Life

Learn more about options for On-campus housing and off-campus housing through Tufts Residential Life.

Parking, Transportation and Public Safety

Purchase a parking pass, learn about other transit options around campus, and get acquainted with public safety initiatives at Tufts.