Funding and Financial Aid - SOE

The School of Engineering offers some scholarship awards to newly enrolling MS students who are Tufts alumni or alumni of partner schools. There are also opportunities for MS students to earn some funding once they have studied within the program for a semester and have demonstrated exceptional communication skills and academic success. These opportunities include:

  • Hourly tutoring and teaching assistant positions (assigned by the department)
  • Summer and part-time internships (meet with Tufts Career Center)
  • A faculty member who has an industry sponsored project, may hire a MS student as a Research Assistant to work on the project/research.

Click here for more information on scholarships.

Office of Financial Aid

The Office of Financial Aid administers federal aid for all graduate and post-bac students in the School of Engineering. You can find information about applying for federal student aid and how it is applied to your bill, and how to utilize the 10-month payment plan that runs from June to March.

Graduate students may also apply to Tufts Loan Repayment Assistance Program (LRAP). The program offers financial awards decided by a committee from each of the Tufts schools. All Tufts graduates with undergraduate, graduate, or professional degrees, who have educational loans incurred for the purpose of attending Tufts as certified by the Financial Aid Office at Tufts, and who are employed full time by a public sector or nonprofit organization are eligible to apply for the LRAP. Certificate programs do not qualify for LRAP.

Please contact if you have questions about department funding opportunities. All other financial aid and billing inquiries should be directed to the Student Financial Services Office.


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