Our Statement on Racial Injustice

July 2020

We, the staff of the Tufts Office of Graduate Admissions for Arts, Sciences and Engineering (AS&E), write this statement of solidarity to share with the Tufts community, prospective applicants and students to express our continued commitment to racial justice in higher education broadly, and in graduate admissions specifically. Like our colleagues in Undergraduate Admissions outline in their statement, we will engage in anti-racist work, and continue to stand in solidarity with Black people, students, faculty, staff, and alumni, as well as Black prospective students, in condemning anti-Black racism and racial injustice in all forms. It is especially important during this momentous time as the nation comes to reckon with a past and present built through systemic racism, both overt and covert.

Our office recognizes that access and inclusion in graduate programs continue to be hurdles for marginalized students and want to be transparent about our position in this process. We recruit for the AS&E graduate programs, serve as admissions consultants to AS&E faculty and deans, and process 5,000+ applications to these graduate programs annually. We host and counsel prospective applicants and students, as well as advise them on how to pursue an advanced degree at Tufts. Although we do not review applications for admittance, we are mindful of the daily impact we have on the recruitment and admissions process, as well as the enrollment experience of graduate students coming to Tufts, a Predominately White Institution (PWI) which is part of a system that perpetuates racial inequality. 

We know that our solidarity must be active, and we are committed to continuing racial justice work as an office and to further educating ourselves about white supremacy, racism, and anti-Blackness. This includes recognizing, interrogating, and continuing to disrupt the structural and individual acts of racism at Tufts that impact educational opportunities for Students of Color, particularly Black and Indigenous People of Color (BIPOC), prospective and enrolling students. We will continue to be steadfast in building a diverse applicant pool through intentionally inclusive recruitment. Our admissions work involves daily collaboration with faculty and deans, and we will continue to partner with them to engage in anti-racist review of applications, student support and pedagogy. We will provide ongoing guidance to historically excluded students through the application process, and be an educational resource for them on their paths to graduate education, whether or not they decide to pursue graduate study at Tufts.

Anti-racism and racial justice require continuous work of daily action, reflection, confronting inequities, and challenging the status quo. We take pride in the work we do in graduate admissions and want to ensure our work reflects the values we as a Team hold in our personal lives. We commit to working toward further access and inclusion in graduate education at Tufts for BIPOC and historically marginalized students. We will hold Tufts faculty and deans accountable and partner with them to create space for and work towards racial justice through anti-racist structural changes to the institution. We will also continue to educate ourselves around intersectional social justice in our own lives. 

In solidarity, 
The Office of Graduate Admissions Team