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As a graduate students at Tufts, you have many responsibilities – from going to class to teaching one, applying for grants, and filling out expense reports. Or, you may need to find out if the gym will still be open after your last seminar. Whatever your needs, we can help you get the most out of your graduate school experience.

Graduate Events

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Sep 28, 2021
Learn how to manage a heavy reading load and take effective notes during graduate school.  During this interactive workshop, participants will learn techniques to increase comprehension, read more efficiently, and take effective notes.  Students should bring a reading (journal article, book chapter, etc.) for hands-on work during the session. Presented by the Tufts StAAR Center
Oct 1, 2021
Writing is a core aspect of graduate work, yet writing at the graduate level often comes with unspoken, confusing, or simply unfamiliar expectations. This workshop aims to demystify graduate writing through activities and discussion that will allow you to examine these expectations; practice pre-writing, organization, and revision strategies; and develop a personal writing process that works for you. Bring a work in progress if you would like to try strategies on your own writing. (90 minutes) Presented by Kristina Aikens, Program Director, Writing Support, StAAR Center at Tufts University