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As a graduate students at Tufts, you have many responsibilities – from going to class to teaching one, applying for grants, and filling out expense reports. Or, you may need to find out if the gym will still be open after your last seminar. Whatever your needs, we can help you get the most out of your graduate school experience.

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Apr 3, 2020
Apr 3, 2020

On Friday April 3rd, Cities@Tufts will be hosting the 2020 Cities@Tufts Symposium, featuring Dr. Jayne Engle of The McConnell Foundation, Montreal, who will deliver her keynote address "Sacred Civics: Some Thoughts on Valuing What Matters in the City." In response to the keynote, a panel of Tufts faculty members from a range of urban-related fields will share their thoughts. We invite you to attend and participate in this unique event. The symposium will be held in the Crane Room in Paige Hall on the Tufts Medford Campus. The program will begin at 12.00pm and ends at 4.00pm. Lunch will be served. If you would like to attend, please RSVP through our Eventbrite, which provides further details on the subject of Dr. Engle's keynote. We hope you can attend and look forward to furthering multi-disciplinary connections across the University. Cities@Tufts is a cross-disciplinary academic initiative which recognizes Tufts University as a leader in urban studies, urban planning and sustainability issues. Anchored by UEP, it aims to highlight our impressive contributions in community strategy, civic democracy, ethnographic research, urban and community health, food justice and security, urban politics and economics, social inequalities and GIS. Cities@Tufts works with students, academics, policymakers and planners, businesses and community stakeholders to develop cross-disciplinary and cross-sector collaborative and community based research. We aim to develop solutions to today’s urban challenges and opportunities based not on presupposed notions but on being critical: first asking the right questions.