Welcome to the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences


Welcome to the Tufts Graduate School of Arts and Sciences. My colleagues and I look forward to your joining the Tufts community.  One of my goals as dean is to ensure graduate students are well supported and have the information they need to succeed. We designed this section of the website to help you navigate the transition to graduate school.

Depending on your situation, this could mean a new school, new neighborhood, new city, new state or new country. Once you enroll as a student, you will also have access to a shared wiki, where you can have discussions with your classmates about these and other matters.

Feel free to connect directly with your department or program director if you have questions. They are an extremely valuable resource that you should not overlook. Finally, the best of luck on this exciting next step in your career.

Robert G. Cook, Ph.D.
Dean, Graduate School of Arts and Sciences
Experimental Psychologist

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