Manufacturing Engineering

As the United States continues to compete in global markets, the need for manufacturing engineers who can design, build, operate, and manage competitive production systems has never been greater.

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Manufacturing Engineering (certificate)

Excellence in three-dimensional design and production, especially knowledge of quality CAD, CAM, CNC machining, and robotics, remains critical as industries strive to reduce labor costs, increase productivity and profitability, tighten performance standards, and improve quality. 

This four-course, graduate-level certificate Manufacturing Engineering certificate program educates students in the latest technologies through a hands-on, industry-based curriculum taught by Tufts' renowned faculty in mechanical engineering, and contributes to the formation of future leaders in manufacturing engineering.

Certificate students may interact with emerging technologies to design, build and test at the Mechanical Engineering Department's Bray Lab.

For more information, visit the Department of Mechanical Engineering.


Anil Saigal
Ph.D. , Georgia Institute of Technology
Materials Engineering, Manufacturing Processes, Quality Control
Chris B. Rogers
John R. Beaver Professor
Ph.D. , Stanford University
Robotics, Musical Instrument Design, Engineering Education
Behrouz Abedian
Associate Professor
Ph.D. , Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Fluid Mechanics, Electrokinetics, Thermal-Fluid Systems
Nadine Aubry
Provost and Senior Vice President, Professor
Ph.D. , Cornell University
Luisa Chiesa
Associate Professor
Ph.D. , Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Sustainable Energy, Superconducting Materials
Jeffrey S. Guasto
Associate Professor
Ph.D. , Brown University, Engineering
Biophysics and Soft Matter, Cell Biomechanics and Sensing, Micro-Scale Fluid Mechanics and Transport Phenomena, Microfluidic Devices
Daniel J. Hannon
Professor of the Practice
Ph.D. , Brown University
Human Factors, Airspace Systems
Marc Hodes
Ph.D. , Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Heat Transfer, Apparent Slip, Thermal Management of Electronics, Mass Transfer in Supercritical Fluids and Thermoelectricity
James Intriligator - Professor of the Practice
James Intriligator
Professor of the Practice
Ph.D. , Harvard University
Human Factors Engineering
Mark Kachanov
Ph.D. , Brown University
Fracture Mechanics, Micromechanics of Materials
Erica M. Kemmerling
Assistant Teaching Professor
Ph.D. , Stanford University
Medical Engineering, Fluid Mechanics
Hoda Koushyar
Assistant Teaching Professor
Ph.D. , Virginia Tech
Gary G. Leisk
Associate Teaching Professor
Ph.D. , Tufts University
Machine Design, Non-Destructive Testing
Vincent Manno - Adjunct Professor, Provost and Dean of Faculty
Vincent Manno
Adjunct Professor, Provost and Dean of Faculty
Sc.D , Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Thermal-fluid phenomena, Power generation systems
Douglas M. Matson
Associate Professor
Ph.D. , Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Solidification Processes, Thermal Manufacturing, Machine Design
Pratap Misra
Professor of the Practice
Ph.D. , University of California, San Diego
GPS, Emerging Satellite Navigation Systems
Jason Rife
Professor and Chair
Ph.D. , Stanford University
Navigation, Robotics, Controls
Igor Sokolov
Ph.D. , St. Petersburg State University (Russia); D.I. Mendeleev Institute of Metrology (Russia)
Nanomechanics of Cells, Molecules, Polymers; Photonic Sensors; Soft Condensed Matter and Biomedical Research; Energy-Related Materials and Sustainability, Surface Science and Engineering
Kristen Bethke Wendell - Assistant Professor
Kristen Bethke Wendell
Associate Professor
Ph.D. , Tufts University
Engineering Education, Design Practices, Learning Sciences
Robert D. White
Associate Professor
Ph.D. , University of Michigan
Micro- and Nano- electromechanical systems (MEMS/NEMS), Sensors, Dynamic System Modeling, Acoustics, Vibrations
Michael Wiklund
Professor of the Practice; General Manager, UL-Wiklund
M.S. , Tufts University
Human Factors Engineering
Michael Zimmerman
Professor of the Practice
Ph.D. , University of Pennsylvania
Novel Polymer Electrolytes for Batteries, Liquid Crystal Polymers, Composite Materials

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